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    Soccer small sided games to coach both attacking and defending concepts and principles of play.

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    Attacking and Defending functional drills for soccer involve training a specific position and role. Training specific demands for certain positions and units of the team.



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Attacking Defenders and Finishing (Newcastle)

Drill Objective(s)
  1. Developing distance finishing technique.
  2. Develop placement and close range instep finishing technique.
  3. Develop 1vs1 finishing.
  4. Develop 2vs1 finishing.
  • Drill No: FIN19
  • Age: 12-Adlt
  • No Players: 8+ (+GK)
  • Difficulty: Easy/Intermediate
  • Area/Time: 1/4 Field with Full Size Goal
Diagram 1
  • Penalty Area (+15yrds) with a full size goals as shown in Diagram 1.  Approx. 44x30yrds, this should be increased for more advanced players.
  • 3 lines (A,B,C) with a collection of balls at each line.
  • 3 cones at approx. 30yrds from goal as the start positions for each line. 
  • 2 gates (shown in red and blue cones above) positioned on the edge of the penalty area.  Each at an angle.
  • GKs (If more than one the should rotate after each sequence of 3 attempts on goal).

Lines go in sequence with specific player rotations.

  1. First player from Line A (A1) dribbles unopposed and performs a feint move and accelerates through either the red or blue gate before shooting.  
  2. A1 then becomes the defender (D1) for Line B dribbling in.  A1 defends against B1 1vs1 who dribbles in from Line B to try and beat D1 (formerly A1) to score.
  3. B1 now becomes a defender (D2) as Line C sends in C1 whos players with D1 in a 2vs1 to goal.  Coach/Assistant monitors for off-sides.

Following this sequence the players all rotate to the next line (i.e. A1 goes to Line B, B1 goes to Line C, C1 goes to Line A.  If at any point a player acting as a defender wins the ball they pass out to one of the lines.  Defenders can be initially passive (i.e. play at 50-70%) in needed to build confidence.


The lines can be split into team to compete against each other.

  1. Encourage creativity when 1vs1.
  2. Is the dribbler able to fake out their opponent (feint movement) and effectively change direction.
  3. Change of pace to accelerate past defenders following moves.
  4. In the 2vs1 can players combine and find the open player (stretch the defender).
  5. Discuss finishing technique where necessary.
  6. Quality finishing (Hit the target)
  7. Be prepared to run at and draw in defenders to release other players in space (2vs1).
  8. Two man combinations (i.e. 1-2's, Overlaps, Take-overs) (2vs1).
  1. Attacking players must score within 5-7 secs.
  1. Require specific finishing technique (i.e. driven shots, instep, lobs).
  2. Require specific feint moves (fakes) (i.e. side-step, step-over, etc).
Quick transitions from attacking to defending is essential to develop a good rhythm to this exercise.  Ball collectors may be necessary for lesser skilled teams.  Vary the Line starting distance dependent on the age group.
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