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    Soccer Drills and Football Drills

    Soccer drills for coaching football in youth to professional football. Technical Drills & Tactical Drills, Small Sided Games, Phases of Play and Functional Training.



    Soccer small sided games to coach both attacking and defending concepts and principles of play.

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    Functional Training

    Attacking and Defending functional drills for soccer involve training a specific position and role. Training specific demands for certain positions and units of the team.



    Phases of Play are more realistic soccer practices designed to simulate a specific sections of play within a real match. Here we train units and whole team understanding of the principles of play and tactical understanding.



    Soccer players need a combination of aerobic and anaerobic fitness. Positional specific fitness training and exercises are central to modern fitness theory.

  • Technical Exercises

    Technical Exercises

    Technical drills in opposed and unopposed formats to teach the fundamental skills of the game.



    Exercises and routines for both pre-game and pre-practice in order to prevent injury, increase performance and mental focus.

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    Tactical exercises, small sided games and tutorials on football tactics and incorporating those into training sessions.

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5vs5vs5 3 Zone Possession

Drill Objective(s)
  1. To train the ability to keep possession, improve speed of play and transition play.
  2. Switch the point of attack.
  • Drill No:               PO20
  • Age:                    15-Adult                             
  • No Players:        15+ (18)
  • Difficulty:            Medium/Difficult
  • Area/Time:         60x40yrds  (25mins)
Diagram 1
Using a 60x40yrd grid arrange three teams of 5 and start them in separate zones (i.e. A, B, C).  Each zone is 20yrds in length and 40yrds in width. The first team to defend is the team in zone B (i.e. the white team in the above example).
  • The coach plays the first ball in to one of the end teams. 
  • As the ball enters zone A the white team can now enter zone A also.
  • The yellow team attempts to make 7 consecutive passes and then pass the ball to the far endzone. 
  • The white team attempts to intercept the ball from the yellow team as they attempt to make their passes. 
  • If the white team wins possession of the ball, they pass to the opposite end zone (i.e. to red) and the yellow team has to now go and pressure the red team and attempt to win possession back.
  • If the yellow team wins the ball back before the white manages to play it across to the reds, they attempt to get their 7 consecutive passes again.

Sequence from Diagram 1.

  1. The coach plays the first ball in to either end zone area (not to the middle zone).
  2. A1 keeps possession with his teammates and attempts to get 7 consecutive passes.
  3. A2 pass to A3 to keep possession.
  4. Assume the yellow team at this point has got its 7 passes.  A3 then passes the ball long to the red team and the white team continues to defend by running to the far end zone to defend against the red team.
  • Identify a specific number of consecutive passes the attacking team needs to complete before a point is scored (for example; 7), and they also have to complete a pass to the far end zone.  This final pass can be in the air.
  • The first team to 3 points is the winner.
  1. Keep the ball speed high (pass the ball quickly with limited touches).
  2. Players without the ball must move to create good passing angles.
  3. Players should make good decisions about when to change the point of attack to keep possession.
  4. Limited touches on the ball.
  5. Quick transition.
  1. 2 touch maximum by the attacking players.
Diagram 2

  1. Allow only 2 players from the defending team into the area to attempt to regain possession.  This makes keeping possession easier if the teams are struggling to make 7 passes.  The remaining 3 players can still block or intercept the ball but only from the centre zone. 
Attempt to increase the speed of play of this game once the players become comfortable with the rules.
Diagrams were generated using Easy Graphics.
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