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Agility Sessions

T-Test (Agility)

Set out four cones as illustrated in the diagram above (5 yards = 4.57 m, 10 yards = 9.14 m). The subject starts at cone A. On the command of...

04-09-2011 Hits:22563 Agility Drills Darren Pitfield - avatar Darren Pitfield

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20 Yrd Agility Test

Set up three marker cones in a straight line, exactly five yards apart - cones B, A (center) and C. At each cone place a line across using marking tape...

04-08-2011 Hits:20261 Agility Drills Darren Pitfield - avatar Darren Pitfield

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Chelsea Sprint Chase (Agility Races)

Develop players’ ability to accelerate and change direction (turning technique). Develop players’ ability to decelerate. SAQ Exercise that could be ideally integrated as part of a introduction or warm-up to...

16-07-2011 Hits:25186 Agility Drills Darren Pitfield - avatar Darren Pitfield

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Illinois Agility Test

The Illinois Agility Test (Getchell, 1979) is a commonly used test of agility in sports.  It measures  the ability to change position and direction.  The length of the course is...

04-06-2011 Hits:18275 Agility Drills Darren Pitfield - avatar Darren Pitfield

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SAQ Circuit (Skill Stations)

Technical warm-up circuit that can include SAQ work as well. Players work in 2 groups and get to perform a variety of technical skills as well as preparing the body...

15-05-2011 Hits:35333 Agility Drills Ray
Power - avatar Ray Power

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Agility/Plyometric Circuit 1

SAQ activity that can be used as a warm-up or agility circuit to develop co-ordination, reaction and the development of fast twitch muscle fiber in football. ...

07-12-2010 Hits:34307 Plyometric Drills Darren Pitfield - avatar Darren Pitfield

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Agility Races 3

SAQ activity with basic agility runs developing reaction skills both mentally and physically. Can be made competitive between teams or players. ...

27-11-2010 Hits:21268 Agility Drills Darren Pitfield - avatar Darren Pitfield

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Reaction and Agility Catch

Speed and agility exercise that develops reactions of football players in response to a football chase. Footballers incorporate speed, agility and quickness (SAQ) activities to be successful at this particular...

14-12-2008 Hits:30220 Agility Drills Darren Pitfield - avatar Darren Pitfield

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Plyometric Drills

Exercises designed to develop explosive speed and acceleration.  Typical activities include jumping and hopping which force is applied while a specific muscle group is lengthening. 

Title Created Date
Agility/Plyometric Circuit 1 07 December 2010

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