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Soccer Equipment

Attacking Corner 1 (Two)

    Set Piece Objective(s)
    1. Exploit space by pulling out an area near post and also changing the point of attack and opening up an angle for delivery.
    Diagram 1
    • 11, 3 stand in the start position at the corner flag attampting to attract out 2 defenders.
    • 5, 9 will crash the centre of the 6yrd box. (Centre back).
    • 4 holds the eadge of the area for rebounds and attempted clearances.
    • 6,7 leave the goal lines to add to the confusion and attack to distract more defenders away from key areas.
    • Ball should be played to checking 10 who pulls open the near post and creates a 3vs2 scenario at the corner of the pitch.
    • 10, 3, 11 now combine to deliver the ball.  If a player follows 10 they defending team now has 3 players outside the 18yrd box!
    • 10 can play the pass back to 11 to cross in OR combine with 3 to create an angle cross or shot towards the back post.
      1. Encourage creativity at the corner.  You cannot predict the defending teams movements so imporvise where necessary.
      2. 10 should be a good play comfortable under pressure and who can make a good decision.
      3. 3 is generally left footed to delivery a good ball into the back post area.
      1. As shown above.
      Diagrams were generated using EasyGraphics.