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Soccer Equipment

Attacking Corner 5 (Teddy)

    Set Piece Objective(s)
    1. Redirection of play pulls out the defenders and results in a shot/cross to the far post whoch is difficult to defend against.
    Diagram 1
    • 3 takes the kick and recognizes the space to play in the right back who is unmarked. 
    • 11,7 holds the edge of the area for rebounds and attempted clearances.
    • 4,5,9, make attacking runs into the back of the 6.
    • 3 fakes to play long and deep and instead cuts the ball out to player 2 (right back).
    • 2 either strikes the ball first time low or head-height at the far post.  Can take a touch to settle the ball back if necessary.  Should be with pace.
    • 4,5,9 try to redirect if necessary and finish from close range.
    • 11 holds the eadge of the area for rebounds and attempted clearances.

    This play does require 10-15 yrds of space for Player 2.  Many times this results in a direct shot on goal from distance.

      1. Encourage creativity at the corner.  You cannot predict the defending teams movements so imporvise where necessary.
      2. 10 should be a good player, comfortable under pressure and who can make a good decision.
      3. 3 is generally left footed to delivery a good ball into the back post area.
      4. Be Organized. 
      5. Know your job.
      6. Know your start and end point of your run!
      7. Attack Secondary ball and be agressive.  Attack the ball.
      8. Delivery must be good and to the right place.
      1. As shown above.