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Soccer Equipment

Attacking Corner 9 (Roll)

    Set Piece Objective(s)
    1. Draw one to multiple players out from the box to create space for runners  to finish.
    2. Allow a cross or driven ball from closer to the goal.
    Diagram 1
    • 7, 3 stand in the start position at the corner flag attempting to attract out 2 defenders.
    • 5, 9 will crash the centre of the 6yrd box. (Centre back).
    • 11,10 hold the eadge of the area for rebounds and attempted clearances.
    • 4 attacks the back post area.
    • 8 provides a decoy run early to pull out a defender.
    • 3 rolls the ball with the sole of the boot, or taps it in for 7.  7 can then either cross direct, dribble and cross, or lay back to 3 if pressured by a defender who has potentially stepped out.
    • Delivery should be to the bacl of the 6yrd box.
    • 5,9 are the target players on this corner.


    1. Encourage creativity at the corner.  You cannot predict the defending teams movements so imporvise where necessary.
    2. 3 is generally left footed to delivery a good ball into the back post area.
    3. Be Organized.
    4. Know your job.
    5. Know your start and end point of your run!
    6. Attack Secondary ball and be agressive.  Attack the ball.
    7. Delivery must be good and to the right place.
    1. As shown above.