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Soccer Equipment

Full Body Circuit

soccer strength training programs

Circuit Objective(s)
  1. Development of general muscular strength and endurance for Arms/Chest/Core/Legs.
  2. Injury Prevention.
  3. Foundation Phase.  (Refer to Strength Training)
  4. Maximal Phase.  (Refer to Strength Training)
  5. Endurance Phase.  (Refer to Strength Training)
  • Drill No:               STR1
  • Age:                    14-Adult                             
  • No Players:        2+ (20 Ideal)  Should be performed in pairs.
  • Difficulty:            Moderate/Difficult
  • Area/Time:         40x60yrds  (25mins)
General pre-season work out that works the whole body and major muscles involved in football.  Refer to strength training in football for discuss on the implementation of this type exercise program specific to football training.  (Refer to Strength Training)
RM Calculator
A repetition maximum or RM is the most weight you can lift for a defined number of exercise movements. Example 1RM.
% Load Repetitions % Load Repetitions % Load Repetitions
60 17 75 10 90 5
65 14 80 8 95 3
70 12 85 6 100 1
Foundation Phase (Week 1-2)
Maximal Phase (Week 3-4)
Endurance Phase (Week 4-6+)
All the above exercises and programs are entered at a participants own risk. does not accept any form of liability for injury (including death) when performing any of the above activties.
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