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Soccer Equipment

Attacking Corner 3 (Dragon)

    Set Piece Objective(s)
    1. Exploit space at the back of the 6yrd box with a hanging cross for 3 players to attack.
    Diagram 1
    • 3 takes, can be out or inswinger.
    • 11 sits on the edge of the 18yrd box and is ready for rebounds.
    • Ball should be played deep to the back of the 6yrd area (head-high ball).
    • 9,5 are the targets.
    • 10,8 who look like the targets make early decoy runs to the near post creating space for 5,9 to finish. 
    • 4 is deep to recover any ball played too long or that is half cleared.
    1. Encourage creativity at the corner.  You cannot predict the defending teams movements so imporvise where necessary.
    2. 10 should be a good player, comfortable under pressure and who can make a good decision.
    3. 3 is generally left footed to delivery a good ball into the back post area.
    4. Be Organized. 
    5. Know your job.
    6. Know your start and end point of your run!
    7. Attack Secondary ball and be agressive.  Attack the ball.
    8. Delivery must be good and to the right place.
    1. As shown above.

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