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Soccer Equipment

Attacking Corner 6 (Trouble)

    Set Piece Objective(s)
    1. Designed to pressure a GK into an error by providing obstructions around the catching area.
    Diagram 1
    • 3 takes the kick, which should be generally inswinging or straight if possible.
    • 10, 9 provide pressure around the GK (front and back) in a sandwich.
    • 5, 4, 7 attack any second phases balls coming out from a GK tip or punch.
    • 8 checks short to open up more space centrally.
    • 11 holds the edge of the area.
    • Ball should be played on top of the GK essentially.  
    • 10, 9 are looking to get a flick direct into the GK or force a GK handling error.
    • 4,5,7, are ready for the second phase.
      1. 10,9 do not obstruct the GK, but stand their ground or jump for an attempted flick.
      2. Second phase is crucial here as many times the ball will be half cleared.
      3. Has to be good delivery!
      1. As shown above.

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