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Soccer Equipment


As a coach I am constantly searching for new and innovative training practice and sessions. Looking for soccer drills and practices that engage, inspire and challenge my players to become better (as I still do today). The inspiration for developing this site was from the shortage of high quality training material available. I was tired of looking at the same drills in books and DVD's. This extensive training library is the product of years of playing, coaching, studying and recording the most memorable and effective drills. Training methodology has been taken from coaches and academies all over the world with the goal to create the most comprehensive collection of drills anywhere. The library continues to be developed and added to maintain the ever changing practices of modern day coaches and sports science. We will always be students of the game. Many of the sessions in the library has been taken from studying some of the most respected soccer coaches in the world (from Jose Mariniho to Vann Gaal). Hopefully their work will prompt you to utilize and experiment with their ideas and principles and adapt them to your teams needs.

Soccer Drills built by Professional Coaches

Coaches will always be students of the game. At there are no gimmicks to sell the product. This site offers professional training soccer drills provided by working professional academy coaches which will aid your ability to develop your team and players technical ability and tactical knowledge and principles.

Quality Training Soccer Drills

All the drills or practices in the database are thoroughly reviewed and have been used in practical settings with teams or players at academies or clubs.

Add Your Soccer Drills (Share your Practices We are a community!)

For all those with the same passions and love I have for coaching the beautiful game.hope you enjoy the site!