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Soccer Equipment

Software + Photo Credits

ProfessionalSoccerCoaching would like to acknowledge Easy Sports Graphics in providing the software to generate many of the drills and practices in our database:

Soccer Coaching Sessions created with Easy Sports Graphics would like to acknowledge the following for their contributions to this website:

Dan W. Knudsen (Photographer) Danish Coaching photo

W. Jarrettc (Photographer) General Players

B. Schrade (Photographer) Bayern Munich training Photo

Sarahquinnarmitt (Photographer) Manchester United Training Photo

Austin Osuide (Photographer)

2stewied (Photographer) Emerates Stadium Photo

Jarrett Campbell (Photographer) General Players

Richard Giles (Photographer) Nike Ball photo

Nicholas M.V.H (Photographer) Bayern Munich Training Photo

AtilatheHun (Photographer) Manchester United Photos

Wonker (Photographer) Arsenal Photos

Bennohansen (Photographer) Corner Ball to Blue Team Photo

Dannynic (Photographer) Arsenal Training Photo

Peter Hasselborn (Photographer) IFK Gothenberg Photo

NathanF (Photographer) David Beckham Photo

Wilsondia (Photographer) US Womens Team Photo

Inkiboo (Photographer) Tottenham Hotspur Warm-up Photo

Nigel Wilson (photographer) England Photos

Sukhkeet (Photographer) Playing Field for Beckham Free Kick