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Shooting with Trailing Defender

Drill Objective(s) soccer coaching, soccer drills, football drills, coaching soccer, coaching football,
  1. Shooting technique.
  2. training, soccer training, football practice, soccer practice,
  • Drill No: SH7
  • Age: 12-15yrds
  • No Players: 8+
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Area/Time: 20x30yrds (25mins)
Diagram 1
Set up and area 15x30yrds with 2 full size soccer goals. Balls are positioned next to the posts of the goals. R1 and R2 represent rebound players positioned on the sides.

The GK feeds a bal to one side or the other using either feet or hands, The player on the other side becomes a recovering (trailing) defender. On the first touch of the attacking player a player on the opposite side to which the ball was played enters the field to finish possible rebounds.

  1. Good driven shooting technique (Knee & Shoulder over ball, non-kicking foot, etc.)
  2. Correct technique for each attempt on goal.
  3. Hit the target (force a save from the goal keeper).
  4. Shots should be low and hard.
  5. Side foot (in-step finish) on close range shots.
  6. Finish at game speed.
  7. Player entering field should be looking for rebounds.
  1. 2 Touch finishes.
  2. 1 Touch finishes.
  3. Require one foot finishing (i.e. left or right).
Make sure the GK's have a good supply of balls and distribute quickly after a shot is taken. This ensures everyone gets a lot of shots in. Shooting soccer drills should be fun and challenge the goal keeper. Shooting is one of the most valued skills in football and should be practiced often!

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