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Soccer Drills Skills: Passing, Shooting
Type: SSG
Age: 14
Phase of Play: Attacking
Intensity (Workload): Medium
Drill Objective(s)
  1. Passing and movement (After the ball is played).
  2. Support.
  • Drill No: SSG2
  • Age: 12-Adult
  • No Players: 8+
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Area/Time: 40x20yrds (25mins)
Diagram 1
Mark out a grid is 20 x 40yrds, depending on age and ability of players. Play 4vs4, 5vs5 or even 6vs6. The field size for this small sided game can be modified depending on the number of players, their age and skill level. 8 players are positioned on the side of the field as wall pass players. They play for the coloured team in the centre of the field.

2 teams compete to try and score in the soccer goals. The condition of the game is that every time a pass is made, that player must move to another triangle (sector) if they want to receive the ball. If they violate this rule and get the ball passed back to them in the same triangle then a free-kick is awarded to the other team. Wall passes are limited to 2 touch and are asked to play quickly. Kick-ins on the side which the wall passers play in. The wall passers may not tackle each other.

Score in the regular goals. Progressions for scoring can be as follows: 1 point for a two touch finish and 2 points for a one touch finish.
  1. Good support for the player with the ball. Move to create good angles.
  2. Pass and move immediately to support where the pass was made.
  3. Look for wall passes (1-2's)
  4. Play with as few touches as possible to keep the ball speed high.
  1. Players on the side (wall passers) are limited to one touch to encourage fast speed of play (Advanced players only).
  1. Instead of one goal at each end, 2 smaller goals can be set up at each side of the goal line.
  2. If you only have 8 players total, use 4 neutral players on the sides as wall passers.
  3. Include a goal keeper in the goal.
Encourage players to combine quickly and play with few touches. Be quick to praise good 1-2's with the wall passers on the side. Make sure the wall passers are involved and moving up and down the side-lines and are asking for the ball. Look also for good switches of play. Remind the players that they have 7 potential passing options in a 4vs4! Turn and change direction on the ball to find good passing options.
The soccer graphics have been made with Easy Sports-Graphics (


Attacking overload small sided football game creating overloads and multiple angles and finishing opportunities. High tempo and fast game to develop creativity and reactions and forward movement in and around the penalty area.