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Soccer Equipment

Possession SSG's

Possession soccer drills are fundamental to coaching modern football.  The ability to keep possession is one of the most important attacking principles of play in football. 

4vs1 Possession (Lines)

Developing possession theory and coaching supporting angles. 4vs1 conceptual possession exercise where players attempt to maximize their angles to support the the ball carrier and location of the football. Footballs are served fro the side and the we look to improve players decisions making skills when in possession.

5vs2 Possession with Awareness

Multi-Directional possession activity in a 5vs2 format. Developing playing into and through a central midfielder. Footballs are served from the side and players attempts to maintain possession using principles used in maintaining possession of the football.

Coach Pass Selection 8vs8

Developing players ability to assess and choose appropriate passing options in game situations. Looking to play penetrating forward passes as much as possible but not at the risk of a loss of possession.