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Soccer Equipment

Combinations of Control, Turning and Receiving

Drill Objective(s)
  1. Running with the ball, dribbling.
  2. Receiving the ball.
  3. Awareness and Vision.
  • Drill No:               CON1
  • Age:                    11-Adult                             
  • No Players:        10+
  • Difficulty:            Easy
  • Area/Time:         25x25yrds  (20mins)

Diagram 1

Soccer drills and football drills for receiving, turning and awareness.
Standard View
Diagram 2
Soccer drills and football drills for receiving, turning and awareness.
Using a 25x25ryd area.  Divide the large square into 4 smaller coloured squares.  Approx. 12-13yrds each in width.  6 players (feeders) are placed on the outside of the playing area.  6 players are inside the playing area.  Rotate the players between being feeders and central players often.  3 soccer balls are placed with the feeders. 

The players in the inside of the grid receive passes from the feeders and perform one of 2 activities.  Refer to the top sequence in the diagrams for the standard soccer drill:

1a.   A feeder passes the ball into A1 who receives the pass with a good first touch.
2a.   A1 dribble (runs with the ball) into another sector.
3a.   A1 then passes to an open feeder.

The attacking team scores a point by running or dribbling the ball from one coloured sector to another coloured sector (e.g. yellow to red sector) and then making a successful pass to a team-mate.  Team vs. Team - After the defender have played the ball out 6 times count how many points the attacking team has earned.  Switch the teams around and compare to establish the winning team.
  1. Players need to play with their heads (eyes) up and have good awareness to see opportunities to attack space.  Players need to observe the space available.
  2. Let ball run to receive if it is at the correct pace.
  3. Practice a variety of turns, outside hook, inside hook, cryuff turn, etc.
  4. Accelerate after the turn has been performed.
  5. Good positive receiving first touches into space to attack another sector.
  6. Use various turns and shielding to protect the ball and maintain possession.
  7. Supporting players need to take up good positions to allow for opportunities to run the ball into other sectors.

1b.   A feeder passes the ball into A2 who receives the pass with a good first touch.
2b.   A2 dribble (runs with the ball) into another sector and performs a turn. (This can be a particular turn if the coach requests one).
3b.   A2 then passes to an open feeder.

Further challenge the players by adding a defender (or two) to the practice.  This would create a 6vs2 scenario. 



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Encourage players to run at speed and have tight control in there turns.  Players often need to get their head up or they will bump into each other.  Players need to be able to perform turns to a reasonable level before this should be attempted with defenders.
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