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Game like Finishing (3/6 stations)

Drill Objective(s) soccer drills and football drills and coaching information for soccer coaches
  1. Train shooting and finishing technique.
  2. Train players to cross the ball into a striker.
  • Drill No: SH8
  • Age: 12-Adult
  • No Players: 9+
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Area/Time: 1/2 Field (25mins)
Diagram 1 - 3 Stage
Using a 1/2 field and a full size goal place 3 pole (flag markers) in the positions shown above. The centre pole is slightly further back than the two side poles. (Cones can also be used if flags are not available). Balls are placed at each station (i.e. each pole).
  1. A1 initiates the drill by dribbling 2-3yrds and then striking a driven (laces) shot from just outside the area.
  2. A2 pass a ball across the face of the area towards the yellow cone.
  3. A3 runs in to meet the pass from A2 and finishes using close range finishing techniques.
  4. A1 following their shot make an overlap run around the right hand group and pole to receive a pass from A4. This run is made whilst A3 is finishing from the pass from A2.
  5. A1 then crosses the ball in to A2.
  6. A2 finishes. The drill is then repeated.
Drill can be organized into 2 teams. Teams can either compete one after the other with a 4 minute time limit to see how many goals they can score. The goalkeeper is from the other team or your standard team goalkeeper.
  1. Quality of passes must be good and on the ground when required.
  2. Timing of runs must be excellent. Weight of pass must be good when playing the ball across the goal area (A2 for pass 2).
  3. A3's finsh must be good technique, getting over the ball so not to hit the ball in the air too much.
  4. Drill should be continuous, everyone needs to stay mentally focused.
  1. Change the direction of the play, so that balls are crossed from the other direction.
  2. A3 can join A1 for the cross in the area.

This drill can also be done with 2 layers so that we now include turning and shooting also.

  1. F1 plays the ball into A1 who turns and shoots.
  2. F2 passes the ball into A2 who turns inside and shoots.
  3. A2 then checks back around the pole and receives a long pass from F3, which he then plays across the area on the ground to A3 who is running in to finish.
  4. A1 has continued with an overlap run (as before) and receives a pass from A4 down the line. A1 crosses the ball into A2 who makes a run into the box to finish.
Diagram 2- 6 Stage
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Timing is key in this activity to make it game realistic and also keep this moving. A good supply of balls is recommened to attempt this activity.

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