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Soccer Equipment

Soccer Aerobic Fitness

Soccer fitness drills and activities related to developing aerobic fitness in soccer.


Aerobic SSG's
Aerobic soccer fitness determines the level at which you can take in and use oxygen to perform an activity. An activity like walking doesn't put much stress on your body and most people can cope with this aerobic activity. Aerobic activities are activities like jogging, where you can continue without getting too tired. You work at a rate which means you don't get completely fatigued or out of breath. Aerobic training will decrease the level at which this fatigue takes place, and will make your heart and lungs more efficient for exercise.
Aerobic Fitness Drills

Aerobic Fitness soccer drills and conditioning programs and exercises for soccer. These soccer fitness drills and practices aim at specifically training the aerobic energy systems and increasing the aerobic exercise capacity of football players.

Aerobic Fitness Science
Articles related to soccer fitness.  Including soccer fitness theory, soccer fitness testing and scientific studies related to soccer training.