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Central Free Kick 1

Set Piece Objective(s)
  1. Direct shot on goal against a weak to moderate wall.
  2. Obscure the vision of the GK.
Diagram 1
  • 11, 8 stand infront of the ball (1-2 yrds away) to further screen the ball.
  • 9,10 stand over the ball to take the direct kick.
  • 7,5 attack the 6yrd box for rebounds and follow-up.
  • 3 stays wide in an attempt to pull out a defender from the wall or be a quick passing option.
  • This is a direct shot routine by either 9,10. This shot could be a driven or bent ball dependent on the postioning of the wall and the qualities ofthe direct free kick takers.
  • 11, 8 stand together infront of the ball until the last few seconds and then peel off and attack the 6yrd area either side of the wall.
  • If 3 is completely open, they are an option for a quick pass to get in behind the wall forshot/cross.
  1. Requires a high level of technical competence in direct free kicks.
  2. We are attempting to obscure the GK's view as long as possible.
  3. Aggressive follow-ups from multiple runs.
  4. 9 or 10 can also run over the ball to start to give the impression the first player to run at the ball is taking the shot. Then the second player follows with the actual shot.
  1. As shown above.