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Central Free Kick 2

Set Piece Objective(s)
  1. Disguised free kick that simulates a long direct shot, but actually exploits the space behind the wall.
Diagram 1
  • 10,7 stand in the start position.
  • 5, 8 will crash the centre of the 6yrd box for rebounds and follow-up.
  • 4 holds the eadge of the area for rebounds and attempted clearances.
  • 3 holds a wide position to a quick outlet if unmarked.
  • 9,11 will be the players collecting the chipped ball behind the wall and are positioned near the edges of the defending wall.
  • 7 and 11 set-up as if they are going to hit a long direct shot on goal.
  • Instead one of them chips the balled behind the wall where 9 and 11 make early runs to meet th chipped pass.
  • 9 or 11 would finish from this position.
  1. This is a hard technical skill to pull off under pressure (i.e the chip over the wall).
  2. The chip should be played with back spin to drop in behind the wall and not run through to the GK.
  3. The chip must be performed with a lot of disguise (i.e. faking a long shot) so that the GK remains close to their line.
  1. As shown above.