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Soccer Equipment

Central Free Kick 3

Set Piece Objective(s)
  1. To eliminate a well organized wall with a direct shot to the side of the wall.
Diagram 1
  • 11, 8, 9 stand in the start position around the ball as shown above.
  • 5, 7 will crash the centre of the 6yrd box.
  • 8 holds the eadge of the area for rebounds and attempted clearances after the initial pass.
  • 10 hovers deep with a natural run up to hit a shot delivered from 8's pass.
  • 3 occupies a wide space for a quick outlet for a possible shot if unmarked.
  • Option 1: 8 passes a weighted ball at 11 who looks as if they are going to stop it for a shot as 9 runs in towards the where the ball would be stopped. Instead 11 allows the ball to pass through their legs and run through. 10 runs onto the ball from deep and shoots.
  • Option 2: 8 passes a weighted ball at 11 who stops the ball for 9 to come in and shoot.
  1. Requires excellent weight of pass from player 8.
  2. Emphasis the need for disguise from player 11, or a good first touch if stopping the ball for 9 to run onto.
  3. Player 10 must be technically competent at striking balls coming across the body.
  4. If the defense comes alerted and places markers around player 10 it is recommended to try another set piece routine.
  1. As shown above.