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Soccer Equipment

Wide Free Kick 1

Set Piece Objective(s)
  1. Exploit space at the back of the 6yrd box with a hanging cross for 4 players to attack.
  2. Deliver an inswinging or outswinging crossed ball into the second 6yrd area.
Diagram 1
  • 11, 3 stand in the start position.
  • 9 will loop around the ball of all the other onrushing attackers and crash the 6yrd box.
  • 6,10,5 attack the ball played in and also provide a screen as 9 curves their run behind them.
  • 4 is also available for a quick short pass to shoot direct or take a touch and strike on goal.
  • Ball should be played to checking 10 who pulls open the near post and creates a 3vs2 scenario at the corner of the pitch.
  • 10, 3, 11 now combine to deliver the ball. If a player follows 10 they defending team now has 3 players outside the 18yrd box!
  • 7 holds the edge of the area and looks for the rebound or cleared ball.
  1. This attacking set-up offers a variety of solutions but requires analysis from the players to choose the best option.
  2. Options: Inswinging cross, Outswinging, short pass form 3 to 11 to drive the line and cross on the ground (or air) from a deep cross. Short pass to 4 to shoot (if unmarked).
  3. 9,10,6,5 should all be good in the air.
  4. Considerations should be given to the quality of the GK on the type of ball delivered.
  5. Main target should be player 9 deep in the 'second' six yrd box.
  1. As shown above.