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Soccer Equipment

Wide Free Kick 3

Set Piece Objective(s)
  1. Attempt to take the wall out of play for a shot on goal from distance.
Diagram 1
  • 9,11,10 stand in the start position and will be the primary players involved in opening space to shoot.
  • 5, 8, 7 follow in for rebounds.
  • 4 stands in the wall in an attempt to further block the view of the GK.
  • 3 starts wide and attempts to pull out a defender from the wall, as a decoy passing option.
  • 9 passes to 11, who stops the ball for player 10 to run onto to fake shoot.
  • 11 now drags the ball behind them to using the sole of the shoe.
  • 9 by this point has looped around to strike the ball around the edge of the wall.
  • 4 peels off the wall to release space to shoot through. 4 can also pull the other defenders back discretely as they peel off.
  1. Designed for use on a well organized wall.
  2. Requires practice and good timing.
  3. Follow-ups should be agressive and quick.
  4. 9 should be capable of high quality driven shots.
  1. A further variation is for 9 to pass through the legs of 11 for 10 to run onto and strike the moving ball.
  2. Pass into 3's feet to shoot or cross across the face of goal in the central area is congested.