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Soccer Equipment

Wide Free Kick 2

Set Piece Objective(s)
  1. Delivery following a quick passing combination to open space for a shot and to eliminate the presence of a wall.
Diagram 1
  • 7, 3 stand in the start position at the corner flag attampting to attract out 2 defenders.
  • 9,6,5,4 will crash the rear of the 6yrd box.
  • 11 holds the edge of the area for rebounds and attempted clearances.
  • 10 makes a lateral run across the 18yrd area to see if there is space for a shot or pass.
  • There are two main options that should result in a direct shot on goal or low cross across the edge of the 6yrd box. If these options are closed down players need to be aware enough to stop and choose another free kick routine.
  • Option 1: Ball is either played down the line to player 3 from a pass from 7. 3 runs over the ball faking a long cross into the box. Player 7 then passes down the line into player 3's run.
  • Option 2: Player 10 makes an eraly lateral run across the edge of the 18yrd box. Ideally this player should be left footed for a free kick from the left side of the field. If open from the pass from 7 this player can shoot directly on goal. If player 10 becomes marked or the shoot could be blocked, 10 can lay off a pass (wall pass) into player 3's run. Player 3 then decides to either shoot or play a low cross with pace across the edge of the 6yrd box.
  1. Dont be afraid to pull to change the free kick if the defending team is marking tight and covering the runners.
  2. This routine should be used to gain an element of suprise. Most teams should be expecting a clipped ball into the far post.
  3. Be sure to add disguise into the pre-free kick routine.
  1. As shown above.