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Finishing Drills

Below are listed general key coaching points for soccer finishing drills and technique training.  These should be taught alongside the finishing coaching points listed in the drills and activities:

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General Key Coaching Points

  • Ensure head and body over the ball at the point of contact.
  • Keep your eyes on the ball and arms out for balance (In particular the opposite arm to the foot striking the ball).
  • Non-kicking foot should be positioned next to the ball pointing towards the area where you want to shoot.
  • Strike through the middle of the ball with a firm ankle and with the striking foot at a right angle.
  • Strike through the mid-line of the ball.
  • Follow through straight to develop power and accuracy.
  • Approach the ballat a slight angle to ensure the hips are transferred through the ball.
  • Toes pointed towards the ground with ankle locked.
  • Keep heady steady throughout.
  • Shoulders over the ball.
  • Follow through the shot for rebounds.





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