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Soccer Equipment

Brazilian Technical Crossing Circuit

Drill Objective(s)
  1. To train the ability to use the flanks in the attacking phase.
  2. Train players in good build up play and finishing from the flanks.
Drill No: CRO1Age: 12-15yrs
No. Players:6+ (Ideally 12)Area/Pitch:2/3 Field
Standard View
Diagram 1
Using 2/3 of a field mark out the flags (training poles) and cones as shown in the diagram above. This drill can be performed on one or two sides of the pitch at the same time.

Player are assigned a side of the field to work on and rotate though various technical stations. After each attempt on goal the players rotate to the next station (i.e. A1 moves to A2's start position and so on).

  1. A1 start the activity and pass a firm pass to A2.
  2. A2 controls with an open stance and passes into A3.
  3. A3 controls and dribbles through the slalom.
  4. Once out the slalom A3 plays a wall pass with A1 who has turned to support A3.
  5. A1 checks to A3 and plays the wall pass.
  6. The wall pass is played infron of A3 for him to continue his run down the flank.
  7. A3 then crosses the ball into either the near or far post for A4 or A5 to finish.

Players then rotate to the next station and the drill begins again.

  • None.
  • Teams can be timed in there execution of the activity. This improves the speed of passing and dribbling to a more competitive level. Time from the first pass from A1 to the finish attempt on goal.
  1. Encourage tight control.
  2. Quick passes in the build up phase.
  3. Crosses should be played in with purpose. Near or far post and away from the goalkeeper into the 2nd 6yrd box.
  1. Defenders can be added to force the crossers to play in accurate balls. 1 or 2 defenders which mark the attackers as they run in for the cross. The defenders can be passive (playing at 50%) or active (100%).
  1. This drill can be played with a larger number and on both side of the field. Once the first group reaches the end of the slalom, the other group can begin its sequence. This should allow for continuous play from one side to the other. Refer the Diagram 2, below.
Standard View
Diagram 2
This game requires a high degree of technical ability in passing, crossing, dribbling and finishing. It should not be attempted until these skills are competent.
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