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Soccer Equipment

Attacking Transition - Real Madrid

soccer drills for coaching shooting
Drill Objective(s)
  1. Develop the ability of players to transition from defensive to attacking positions quickly.
  2. Developing attacking team shape.
  • Drill No:               ATT1
  • Age:                    14                              
  • No Players:        12
  • Difficulty:            Advanced
  • Area/Time:         40x30yrds  (20mins)
Diagram 1

30x40yrd grid marked by cones.  

  • 5vs5 (+2)
  • The team in possession MUST always have 4 players on the edge of the playing grid (i.e. one on each side).  The 2 neutrals always play in the middle are and play for the team in possession always.
  • Attacking team players other than the one player left in the middle cannot touch the ball in possession unless they are on the outside of the grid.
  • When possession is lost the transition occurs for the other team and the team that lost possession migrate back into the central playing area.

Note: For practice puposes this drill can be done without the switching on the fly to begin with.  I.e. each team plays a set period in on the sides.

1o consequetive passes = 1 goal.  This number can be varied to the level of the players.
  1. Encourage first time shots when possible.
  2. Discuss the type of shoots taken with the players.
  3. Encourage good support, especially from the defenders to keep possession until a good shooting opportunity arises.
  4. Analyze technique: Knee over ball, shoulders square over the ball, non-kicking foot pointed at the target, left arm out for balance, follow through with toe pointing down, position of the ball which is struck.
  5. Encourage quick reactions for rebounds.
  1. Refer to diagram 2.  Line a half field and play from the edges of the 18yrd area to the half way line.  In possession 4 players still have to exit the central area to play.  The neutrals do not leave the central area.  In this format the defenders can leave the central area and go anywhere.
Diagram 2 - Game version with goals
  1. 2 touch on the sides.
  2. 1 touch on the sides.
  3. Outside players can play to other outside plays.
Teams will not be able to maintain possession unless they spread out quickly and in an organized manner.  Forces players to give width and depth in attack and look to play wide early.
The soccer graphics have been made with Easy Sports-Graphics (

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