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Soccer Equipment

4vs2 Killer Pass

Drill Objective(s)
  1. To train the ability to keep possession of the ball and to identify proper angles of support and also timing of support.
  2. To train the ability to play a penetrating pass behind the defense.
Drill No: PO14Age: 12-15yrs
No. Players:6Area/Pitch:20x15yrds
Standard View
Diagram 1
Using a 15x20yrd grid arrange 4 attackers and 2 defenders in the middle of the grid.
  • The 4 attackers attempt to keep possession of the ball by passing amongst themselves.
  • The 2 defenders attempt to intercept the ball or force the attackers into misplacing passes outside the grid. To add some transition to the activity, if the defenders regain possession they can dribble out of the playing grid and earn a point for the defending team.
  • The game continues until the defenders are able to complete a pass to each other. Then the players rotate.
  1. A1 passes to A2 to maintain possession.
  2. A2 then finds a pass that splits the defenders which earns the team 2 points.
  • 4 Attackers vs 2 Defenders.
  • Identify a specific number of consecutive passes the attacking team needs to complete before a point is scored (for example; 6).
  • A pass that splits the 2 defenders is worth 2 points.
  • Defenders score by dribbling out of the playing area. NOT KICKING THE BALL OUT.
  1. Keep your head up to view opportunites to make a pass that splits the defenders.
  2. Keep the ball speed high (pass the ball quickly with limited touches).
  3. Players without the ball must move within the grid to create good passing angles.
  4. Move to good angles as the ball is in motion, not after the the passer has received the ball.
  5. Players who pass the balll should move immediately afterwards to take up good positions to support.
  6. Ensure passes to fellow attackers are such that they can be controlled to their advantage (infront, good weight of pass, on ground, receiving open to the field).
  1. 2 touch maximum by the attacking players.
  1. 4vs3 to make it harder.
  2. 5vs2 to make the game easier.
Players need to be encouraged to get their heads up as much as possible to view opportunites to split the defenders. This simulates players in a real game looking up for forward passes, through balls, etc.
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