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Soccer Equipment

Multiple Conditioned Possession

Drill Objective(s)
  1. To train the ability to keep possession under various playing restrictions.
  2. Train focus and mental alertness.Soccer drills for possession.
Drill No: PO16Age: 12yrs-15yrs
No. Players:12 (9)Area/Pitch:40x30yrds
Standard View
Diagram 1
Set-up a 40x30yrd grid. 3 teams with 4 players on each team in different coloured pinnies.
  • Two of the teams in the middle of the grid can combine with each other to keep possession.
  • 8vs4 keepaway.
  • The team that looses possession of the ball becomes the defenders.
  • Various conditions are placed on the team in possession. The coach can change these whenever he sees fit.


  1. Free Play (No limitations) Variations: limited touches (i.e. two touch)
  2. Two Touch Variations: Mandatory three-touch
  3. Play to Another Colour Players cannot pass to the same colour from which they receive the pass from.
  4. No Passes Over 10yrds All passes must be less than 10yrds.
  5. No passes under 10yrds All passes must be more than 10yrds.
  6. Taboo Colour Each team is assigned one colour team that it cannot pass to.
  7. Sequential Passing The coach assigns a colour passing sequence the players must follow (i.e. yellow-blue-white). The defending teams colour is skipped in the sequence.
  8. Aerial Passes Only All passes must be in the air (chipped, clipped).
  9. Touches sequence (1-2-1) Here the first player takes one touch and the second player takes 2 and the third takes one, and so on.

A violation of any of these rules by a player results in their team becoming the defenders. If the ball is played out of bounds by a team they also become the defenders.

From the Diagram above:

  1. Y1 passes to an open Y2 to maintain possession.
  2. Y2 then uses the other attacking team (White) through W1 to keep the ball.
  3. W1 passes to Y4.
  4. Y4 passes to the other attacking team (i.e. W2).
  5. W2 plays the ball onto W4 to keep possession.
  • No scoring, teams are simply attempting to keep possession as long as possible to prevent them from becoming the defenders.
  1. Focus and Awareness all the time. Concentration.
  2. Players have to use peripheral vision and field vision.
  3. Quick feet and on toes to receive ball.
  4. Good quality passing to maintain possession.
  5. Discuss long and short passing technique if necessary.
  6. Transition when an error is made.
  7. Communication to identify the defenders and also the conditions as they change.
  1. None.
  1. 4 teams of 3.
This game should help increase a teams mental focus and concentration. If the players dont stay focused they will fall behind in the activity. Develops intelligent and pro-active players.
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